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Joxim is a professionally managed household electronics product company, we truly believe in providing quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers, to build good reputation the in the field of household electronics product and become key player in industry.


Let’s Create Comfort!

While fans and coolers are essentials for your home, stabilizers are important to maintain the well being of your precious electronic products. Make your home safe as well as your comfort zone with super powerful products from Joxim.

Unmatched comfort with lowest maintenance

Safety optimized in all the power efficient products

Assured durability with best warranty

Best customer care services

What we do

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We design highly efficient and amazingly powerful products for your everyday power needs such as Ceiling Fans, Stabilizers and Coolers. Resistant to mishaps and safe for children’s presence, these products add luxurious comfort to your lives.

Why Joxim

Backed by advanced research, developed with latest technology, designed with innovative creativity, Joxim brings you the best electronic products for the uninterrupted comfort of your home! And Joxim cares for your safety and well being!


Joxim assures you peace of mind with high quality and super innovative products.

Long Lasting

Our products are durable, long lasting and are made of best quality raw materials.

Best Material

Joxim never compromises on the quality of its product.

ceiling Fan


Our products come with extended warranty, low maintenance needs, resistance from dust, temperature and voltage related damages and assures high functionality in all weather conditions.

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