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Mixer Grinder

Unleash your inner chef and simplify your kitchen routine with our high-performance mixer grinders. From grinding spices and pulses to whipping up creamy batters and chutneys, our versatile appliances do it all. Explore our range of models, each equipped with powerful motors, durable blades, and multiple jars, to find the perfect fit for your culinary creations. Make your cooking effortless with our durable mixer-grinders that have 100% copper winding.


Invest in our Pride 2X Mixer grinder and elevate your culinary skills with precision grinding and blending. Experience the joy of effortless cooking in your own kitchen.


With its powerful 500-watt motor, Pride 3X Mixer Grinder mixie tackles tough grinding tasks with ease. Whether you're pulverizing spices, blending frozen fruits, or whipping up smooth batter, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


Our 3 Jar and 600 W grinder tackles even tougher tasks with ease. Grind harder spices, blend denser ingredients like frozen fruits and nuts, and achieve smoother consistency in batters and chutneys. This extra power translates to faster grinding and better results, saving you valuable time and effort.